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Happy New Year!

GoldPundit hopes you have a great 2022

System Status

Our current projects

We currently own and operate three brands, each of them innovators in their own right.

GoldPundit Media


Testnet World

Works in progress

We are always working on developing new innovative solutions. Here is what we currently are working on:

22nd Century Insights – Harnessing the power of AI to answer the world’s greatest questions.


Our Mission

It is GoldPundit‘s mission to continue to bring excellent services and products to customers, at the possible cost. We wish to level the playing field by giving everybody access to the best available. Our innovations are just beginning to launch; the journey is just beginning….

What People Are Saying About GoldPundit’s Brands

Here are a few testimonials that describe how GoldPundit has had a positive impact on people’s lives., The fastest and most user friendly testnet bitcoin faucet I have ever used. Their customer support is kind and understanding, I’m forever grateful for my experience on this website. I wish them all the best in the future. And hope the future crosses our paths again. I’m forever in debt to you guys. Thank you and god bless you!

Daniel, Blockchain Developer and Client of Testnet World

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“A better webhoster than all of the rest.”

The customer service is wonderfully great
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Since I have a website, my pride and joy,
The WebHost.Design hosting has made me very happy.

A Client of WebHost.Design

GoldPundit strongly urges everybody to get vaccinated against COVID-19
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