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The one stop shop for internet solutions. We work closely with you, from start to finish, to create your internet presence, one that matches your vision.

.com $9.99/yr

.net $10.99/yr

.org $10.99/yr

.gov $410.99/yr

Our Services

We provide a wide array of services, ranging from domain consulting, website hosting, and web design.

Powerful Hosting

Our servers are underutilized, not overutilized, and running off of fast internet. That means speed. And, we have a generous bandwidth cap, meaning your website won’t be throttled or restricted. You will have the freedom to achieve great things.

One Stop Shop

We do everything – hosting, design, and maintenance – so you only have to work with one company. This eliminates the hassle of having to coordinate with multiple entities.

Innovative Design

We showcase your website in any way that you want. Do you want your website to be simple and professional? Do you want your website to be flashy and modern? Do you want your website to be a spoof of Star Wars? We’ve got you covered, whatever your vision may be.

Dedicated Maintenance

Do you spend your week worrying about security updates? Do you spend a long time having to use confusing interfaces to post announcements? Do you worry about whether your website is still running properly? If any of this is true, we’re here for you. We’ll take care of posting urgent announcements. We’ll make sure your plugins stay up to date.

Our Features

Enjoy Great Design, Without Breaking The Bank

We offer a very competitive and affordable rate for our services. This means that you can get a great design on a low budget. Just tell us the maximum amount that you are willing to spend, and we won’t exceed it. In addition, you may be eligible for a discount if you are a scholarly or non-profit organization.



Website Services Plans & Pricing

Best Design

Our Process

We work with you to realize your vision while keeping your bill as low as possible.

Before we start work, we figure out exactly what you really need

We start from a template, meaning we don’t waste time starting from scratch

We create a modern and professional design

We get your feedback and revise until perfect

What They’re Saying

Customer Testimonials

WebHost.Design is, in eight words or less:
“A better webhoster than all of the rest.”

The customer service is wonderfully great
And the hosting has features like affordable rates.

Since I have a website, my pride and joy,
The WebHost.Design hosting has made me very happy.

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