Take Your

Outreach Strategy Up A Level 

Do you want a relevant and quality social media presence for your business, but don’t have the time to do it yourself? We’ve got you covered.


Active Account

We’ll create one or two posts per week on each of your accounts. This will keep your account active with relevant posts, and will tend to increase viewership.

21st Century Marketing

We will work with you to promote your products and services on social media. The closest thing to free advertising that you’ll find.

Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter

We will create (if you don’t already have) Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter accounts and then fully manage them. We have found that this trio is best suited to reach a diverse range of audiences, from young adults to the silent generation.

Gain Followers

Our relevant and engaging posts and announcements will work towards getting you larger numbers of account followers, widening your audience. Our posts will also improve your reputation as a modern and active organization, person, or company.

“Social media is unique because sending out a marketing campaign to one million of your followers costs no more than sending a message to a couple thousand followers.*”

Firas K. Hashmi

CEO – GoldPundit Inc.

*This, of course, assumes that your social media account has one million followers. If you don’t have this many already, not to worry. We’ll help get you there.